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All American Cast and Characters Heights and Ages

All American Cast and Characters Heights and Ages

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All American has taken the television world by storm, portraying a compelling narrative rooted in football, family, and the complexities of growing up. Inspired by the life of former professional football player Spencer Paysinger, the series seamlessly weaves tales of ambition, love, and rivalry against the backdrop of Beverly Hills and Crenshaw.

As viewers tune in episode after episode, they often wonder about the actors behind these relatable characters.

From their ages during the series’ onset to their current heights and backgrounds, this guide provides a detailed look at the cast and their on-screen personas.

Daniel Ezra as Spencer James

Actor Daniel Ezra (left) and the character he plays in All American, Spencer James (right)
Credit (left): Kathy Hutchins /
Daniel EzraSpencer James
Age (Season 1):2616
Age (Season 5):3121
Birthday:December 15, 1991September 27, 2002

Daniel Ezra, standing at a height of 5’9″, was 26 when he first appeared as Spencer James in Season 1 of All American. Born on December 15, 1991, he’s British by nationality. Although he’s best known for All American, Ezra has also appeared in several BBC productions, including Undercover (2016) and The Missing (2016), and Sky One’s A Discovery of Witches (2018).

Based on the experiences of NFL linebacker Spencer Paysinger, Spencer James is a talented football player from South LA who transfers to Beverly Hills High to play football under Coach Billy Baker. At the age of 16 during Season 1, Spencer’s character navigates the challenges of two contrasting worlds—that being his familiar neighborhood and the glamorous life of Beverly Hills. His struggles and triumphs both on and off the field form the heart of All American.

Samantha Logan as Olivia Baker

Actress Samantha Logan and her character Olivia Baker in the All American TV series
Credit (left): Kathy Hutchins /
Samantha LoganOlivia Baker
Age (Season 1):2215
Age (Season 5):2720
Birthday:October 27, 1996April 7, 2003

Samantha Logan, who stands at 5’7″, was 22 years old when she first portrayed Olivia Baker in Season 1 of All American. Born on October 27, 1996, Samantha is an American actress with over a decade of experience in the entertainment industry.

Apart from All American, Samantha has been a part of several notable projects, including 13 Reasons Why (2018) and Freeform’s The Fosters (2014).

Olivia Baker, the high-spirited and kind-hearted daughter of Coach Billy Baker, has had her fair share of struggles from substance abuse to personal relationships. Thanks in large part to Logan’s earnest performance, Olivia’s journey through her teenage years, especially her close bond with Spencer, has been a focal point since the beginning of the series.

Michael Evans Behling as Jordan Baker

Actor Michael Evans Behling (left) and his character Jordan Baker in All American (right)
Credit (left): DFree /
Michael Evans BehlingJordan Baker
Age (Season 1):2215
Age (Season 5):2720
Birthday:March 5, 1996April 7, 2003

Michael Evans Behling, at an impressive height of 6’2″, was 22 when he took on the role of Jordan Baker in All American. Born on March 5, 1996, Michael is an American actor who quickly rose to prominence with his portrayal of Jordan.

In spite of his small acting repertoire, with his guest appearance on Grey’s Anatomy (2005) as Brady in 2019 being a highlight, Behling is certainly an All American fan favorite. 

Jordan Baker, the charming son of Coach Billy Baker, is a star quarterback for Beverly High. Over the course of the series, Jordan’s character searches for belonging as he navigates the challenges of long-distance relationships, his experiences as a biracial teenager, and the pressure of living up to his father’s legacy.

Greta Onieogou as Layla Keating

Actress Greta Onieogou (left) and her character Layla Keating in All American (right)
Credit (left): DFree /
Greta OnieogouLayla Keating
Age (Season 1)2716
Age Now:3221
Birthday:March 14, 19912022

Greta Onieogou, standing at 5’8″, was 27 years old when she first graced our screens as Layla Keating. Born on March 14, 1991 in Russia, Onieogou immigrated to Canada at five years old and took an interest in rhythmic gymnastics. Fans may also recognize Onieogou from her portrayal as Soraya Duval in the Canadian drama Heartland (2007).

Layla Keating is the privileged yet kind-hearted on-again, off-again love interest of Spencer. With her height at 5’8”, Layla faces her own set of challenges, from her family’s expectations to personal struggles with depression, making her a relatable and loved character in the series.

Bre-Z as Tamia “Coop” Cooper

Actress Bre-Z (left) and her character Tamia “Coop” Cooper in the All American TV series (right)
Credit (left): DFree /
Age (Season 1):3116
Age Now:3621
Birthday:July 22, 19872002

Bre-Z, with a height of 5’1”, was 31 when she debuted as Coop in All American. Born on July 22, 1987, in Philadelphia, the American rapper and actress quickly became a standout due to her authentic portrayal of Tamia “Coop” Cooper. She’s also well-known for her portrayal of female rapper Freda Gatz in Empire (2015).

Tamia “Coop” Cooper, Spencer’s best friend from Crenshaw, navigates her life as an openly gay woman while pursuing her passion for rap. Coop represents resilience and unwavering loyalty, cementing her place as an essential character in the series.

Cody Christian as Asher Adams

Actor Cody Christian (left) and his character Asher Adams in the All American TV series (right)
Credit (left): DFree /
Cody ChristianAsher Adams
Age (Season 1):2316
Age (Season 5):2821
Birthday:April 15, 19952022

Cody Christian, with a height of 5’8”, was 23 when he portrayed Asher Adams in Season 1. Born on April 15, 1995, Cody, an American actor, has been in the limelight with teenage audiences, appearing in Pretty Little Liars (2010) and MTV’s Teen Wolf (2011).

Asher Adams, begins as the stereotypical high school antagonist but goes through significant growth as the series progresses. His journey of redemption and self-discovery was a noteworthy subplot in the show.

Taye Diggs as Coach Billy Baker

Close up of actor Taye Diggs (left) and his character Coach Billy Baker in the All American TV series (right)
Credit (left): DFree /
Taye DiggsBilly Baker
Age (Season 1):4742
Age (Season 5):5247 (Deceased)
Birthday:January 2, 19711976

Taye Diggs, standing at 5’10”, was 47 when he first appeared as Coach Billy Baker. Born on January 2, 1971, Taye, an American actor, has been a well-known figure in the entertainment industry since 1994. Diggs found his beginnings on Broadway before moving to television. He found success again as Doctor Sam Bennett Private Practice (2007), a spin-off of Grey’s Anatomy (2005).

Coach Billy Baker is the head football coach at Beverly High school. He plays a pivotal role in Spencer’s life as both a father figure and a coach, guiding him both on and off the field. With his complex past and interpersonal relationships, his character offers a nuanced look into the world of high school sports coaching.

Karimah Westbrook as Grace James

Actress Karimah Westbrook (left) and her character Grace James (right) in the All American TV series
Credit (left): Kathy Hutchins /
Karimah WestbrookGrace James
Age (Season 1):4038
Age Now:4543
Birthday:October 6, 19781980

Karimah Westbrook, who stands at 5’7″, was 40 years old when she introduced viewers to Grace James. Born on October 6, 1978, Karimah is an American actress who’s garnered acclaim for her portrayal of strong, grounded characters in films like Suburbicon (2017) and After We Collided (2020).

Grace James is Spencer’s loving and supportive mother. She stands as the backbone of her family, navigating challenges with grace (pun intended) and resilience, and maintains her role as a grounding force in the series.

Monet Mazur as Laura Baker

Actress Monet Mazur (left) and her character Laura Baker in the All American TV series (right)
Credit (left): DFree /
Monet MazurLaura Baker
Age (Season 1):4240
Age Now:4745
Birthday:April 17, 19761978

Standing at 5’9″, Monet Mazur was 42 when she began her role as Laura Baker. Born on April 17, 1976, Monet, an American actress, has a long-standing career as a guest actress in TV series like Castle (2009), Chuck (2007), and Days of Our Lives (1965). All American marks her first time in the main cast on a primetime television show.

Laura Baker is Beverly High’s school lawyer and the mother of Olivia and Jordan. Her character highlights the challenges and nuances of being a working mother in a high-profile position, while also dealing with a complex family dynamic.

Chelsea Tavares as Patience Robinson

Actress Chelsea Tavares (left) and her character Patience Robinson (right) in the All American TV series
Credit (left): s_bukley /
Chelsea TavaresPatience
Age (Season 1):2716
Age (Season 5):3221
Birthday:September 22, 19912002

Chelsea Tavares, with a height of 5’3”, was 27 when she started her role as Patience in the series. Born on September 22, 1991, Chelsea is an American actress best known for her roles as Cranberry in Nickelodeon’s Unfabulous (2004) and Nora Harris in the video game The Last of Us Part II (2020).

Patience is a singer and Coop’s ex-girlfriend. Like Coop, she’s a graduate of South Crenshaw rather than Beverly High. Her journey through her music career while dealing with personal and professional challenges adds another layer of depth to the series’ overall narrative.

Hunter Clowdus as JJ Parker

Actor Hunter Clowdus (left) and his character JJ Parker in the All American TV series (right)
Credit (left): DFree /
Hunter ClowdusJJ Parker
Age (Season 1):2715
Age Now:3220
Birthday:October 23, 19912001

Hunter Clowdus, standing at an impressive 6’0”, was 27 when he introduced viewers to JJ Parker. Born on October 23, 1991, Hunter is an American actor who, while relatively newer to the industry, has showcased great potential and talent in his roles, especially in his guest appearance as Van Delorey in American Vandal (2017).

JJ Parker introduces himself to the audience as Asher’s best friend and is known for his jovial and somewhat carefree nature. His character lightens up the mood and brings a comedic touch to the series while facing his own problems transitioning from quarterback to linebacker for the Eagles.

Jalyn Hall as Dillon James

Actor Jalyn Hall (left) and his character Dillon James in the All American TV series (right)
Jalyn HallDillon James
Age (Season 1):1110
Age Now:1615
Birthday:December 23, 20062007

Young talent Jalyn Hall, with a height of 5’7”, was only 11 when he stepped into the shoes of Dillon James. Born on December 23, 2006, Jalyn is an American actor known for his portrayal of Emmett Till in the 2022 biographical film Till, and has shown maturity beyond his years in his portrayal of Dillon.

Dillon James is Spencer’s younger brother. Over the course of the series, Dillon’s character offers a glimpse into the life of a younger sibling in a neighborhood like Crenshaw and serves as his brother’s driving motivation in moving to Beverly High for football in the first season.

Kareem J. Grimes as Preach

Actor Kareem J. Grimes (left) and his character Preach in the All American TV series (right)
Kareem J. GrimesPreach
Age (Season 1):4338
Age Now:4843
Birthday:August 30, 19751980

Kareem J. Grimes, boasting a height of 5’8”, was 43 years old when he began his role as Preach. Born on August 30, 1975, Kareem is an American actor recognized for his strong and impactful performances as Erick Davidson in UMC’s For the Love of Jason (2020) and Shawn in Adam + Eve (2022), making him a standout in the series.

Cordell Simms, also known as Preach, is a former gang member in Crenshaw who shows a deeper layer of loyalty and principles under his gang affiliation. His relationship with Coop and the trials he undergoes offer an intricate look into the challenges of leaving gang life behind.

Geffri Maya Hightower as Simone Hicks

Actress Geffri Maya Hightower (left) and her character Simone Hicks in All American (right)
GeffriMayaSimone Hicks
Age (Season 2):2418
Age Now:2822
Birthday:February 25, 19952001

Geffri Maya, standing at 5’6”, was 24 years old when she began her role as Simone Hicks. Born on February 25, 1995, Geffri Maya is an American actress who has demonstrated great depth and understanding in her portrayal of Simone, garnering appreciation from fans and critics alike. Fans may also know her from her performance as Maya Bennett in ABC’s Private Practice (2007).

Simone Hicks goes through a tumultuous journey, from teenage pregnancy to navigating relationships. Her storyline provides viewers with a nuanced exploration of the complexities faced by young adults, including the struggle of choosing what’s best for a child she wasn’t prepared for.

Spence Moore II as Chris

Actor Spence Moore II (left) and his character Chris in All American (right)
Credit: Eugene Powers /
Spence Moore IIChris
Age (Season 1):2016
Age Now:2521
Birthday:December 16, 19972002

Spence Moore II, at a height of 5’11”, was 20 when he took on the role of Chris in the first season of All American. Born on December 16, 1997, Spence is an American actor famous for his roles as Dan Decker in NBC’s A.P. Bio (2018) and Danny Poythress in HBO’s We Are Who We Are (2020).

Chris is one of Beverly High’s football players. His character brings additional layers to the football team dynamics and offers insights into the challenges and rivalries within the group.

Da’Vinchi as Darnell Hayes

Darnell Hayes in All American
Da’VinchiDarnell Hayes
Age (Season 2):2419
Age (Season 5):2823
Birthday:October 10, 19952000

Da’Vinchi, born Abraham D. Juste and standing at 6’3”, was 24 when he made his debut as Darnell Hayes. Born on October 10, 1995, Da’Vinchi, an American actor, has been praised for his deep and emotive performances. Though he’s best known for his portrayal of Darnell, Da’Vinchi has also guest-starred in award-winning shows like Marvel’s Jessica Jones (2015) and Prime’s The Boys (2019).

Darnell Hayes is Corey’s adopted son and Spencer’s stepbrother. A talented football quarterback, Darnell’s character weaves his way into the storyline, introducing new dynamics and relationships. His journey from Nevada to Crenshaw and his efforts to fit in add depth to the expansive narrative of All American.